“There is more real wealth in a pound of honey, or a load of manure for that matter, than all the currency in the world. We often destroy the world’s real wealth to create an illusion of wealth, confusing symbol and substance.”

“Mac glanced away from the projection screen, forming a mental picture of young Magnus, stabbing a soldier in the neck in order to save the life of his friend. Some bonds were forged in darkness.”

“Life does not always give us what we think we want. Life tends to give us what we need.”

One Million Page Princess

I read The Beekeeper’s Ball for work, and was pleasantly surprised. The second book in the Bella Vista Chronicles, (I’ve never read the first) the story revolves around Isabel Johansen, a culinary master living in the idyllic Sonoma County. As with most chick lit, our female heroin comes with some baggage, and it will take a special man to for her to trust enough to love again. Enter the handsome, rugged, and oh so wonderful Cormac O’Neil – the one guy who just might have a shot with the beautiful owner of Bella Vista destination cooking school.

Normally I have some difficulty truly enjoying chick lit, but this one was different. A good portion of the book takes place in the 1940’s and documents the Danish resistance during the second World War, which I found fascinating and added a wonderful dimension of story telling. I also enjoyed the delicious recipe’s that were featured at the beginning of each section of the book, and have even tried a few that turned out well despite me altering them a bit to make them dairy/wheat/sugar free.

As the first day of an autumn full of knit scarves and fun-size candy bars hits us, this one is probably best suited for someone wanting just that final sweet taste of summer before it’s lost to us until next year. I will definitely be checking out the next one in the series.


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