“She was lost but would be found. She was sure of it. Tom Gordon had gotten the save and so would she.”

“‘Yeah, something. Some kind of insensate force for the good. Insensate, do you know what that means?’ She had nodded, not knowing exactly but not wanting him to stop and explain. She didn’t want him to teach her, not today, today she only wanted to learn from him.”

“She walked on in this fashion for ten minutes or so, then stopped. In that tender place between her chest and her stomach, the place where all the body’s wires seemed to come together in a clump, she felt the first minnowy flutter of disquiet.”

One Million Page Princess

I love Stephen King. I’ve read a lot of his stuff over the years, and someone special recommended this one to me as being  one of their favourite of his novels. Obviously, since it was October, I was definitely down for reading something slightly spookier and as usual, Mr. King didn’t disappoint.

Trisha is only nine-years-old, and on a hiking day trip with her mom and older brother. Due to some unfortunate circumstances she gets lost in the woods, where she remains for days upon days, with only her portable radio broadcasting baseball games to keep her company. A huge Boston Red Sox fan, her crush on Tom Gordon (their relief pitcher) and his ability to save the day are her only solace in a misadventure filled with burns, bites, cuts, poisoning, pneumonia, starvation and exhaustion… and maybe something else. Trisha soon discovers she’s not just up against the elements; there seems to be something much darker lurking in the shadows, just waiting for the right time to reveal itself to her.

This book is an eerily beautiful, page turning read. The protagonist being a smart, courageous and resilient little girl was also wonderful, and I think it can honestly be extended past just a creepy bed time story into a strong reminder for anyone going through a difficult time, that having the will to fight through it is half the battle.

I liked it! Check it out!


P.S. For the record, my favourite Stephen King novel is 11/22/63. It’s a long one, but it’s brilliant. It’s one of my must have deserted island books for sure, and I think it might be his only love story to date. Wish he’d write more though because he’s very good at it! Definitely check it out if you like history, time travel, and romance.