“If I’d been feeling a little less down, I would have lectured her about how being single forever isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and how I would still have value without a man. Instead, I accepted it as she intended it, as a misguided but very genuine expression of worried mom love.”

“Being the partner of someone fighting a possibly terminal illness was incredibly isolating.”

“Chemotherapy stared, not with a bang, but a… well, not even a whimper, really.”

One Million Page Princess

I FINALLY got my hands on the second book in the Abigal Barnette trilogy. A few months back I really enjoyed reading The Boss. It was in the vein of 5o Shades, except it didn’t insult my intelligence, promote stalking and possessiveness, or reduce women to mindless pawns in a man’s world.

In the follow up, Sophie and Neil are no longer coworkers, yet are still trying to navigate the many difficulties a relationship like theirs must overcome, including Neil being diagnosed with cancer. I’ve got to say, these books are by far my favorite in the erotica genre. I’m even hesitant to label them as “erotica” as that has such a cheap connotation. Really interesting plot, a strong minded and independent protagonist, and a couple that actually seems to be on equal footing (other than the fact that Neil is a bajillionaire and double her age).  I don’t want to divulge too much more and spoil anything for you guys, but this one is even better than the first.

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