“I’ve been to crazy parties where kids decimated the liquor cabinets and desecrated the bedrooms.”

“I saw the shadow side of having fixed expectations. They are an awfully hard thing to live up to. If you spend your time measuring your reality against your fantasy, you’re inevitably going to lose the joy of just being in the moment.”

“The club filled up, and Prince came on around three in the morning, in a space no bigger than my living room. I still remember the exhilarating feeling of walking out onto the streets of Paris at 7 AM, sweaty from dancing all night, the sound of street sweepers and the smell of croissants just coming out of boulangerie ovens. It was magical.”

“Outsource everything but your soul. Identify the ‘soul’ of your business (which most of the time is the thing that makes you supremely happy) and hire everyone else to do the rest.”

“You can’t control what may happen to you in this life, but you can control who you want to be after it happens. It’s a very simple yet powerful statement. Instead of fearing what will happen for my children in the future, I can just love them for who they are now. Instead of fighting my body, I can give thanks for it. Instead of questioning my husband’s love, I can accept it with open arms. And instead of worrying about life and what it has in store for me, I can throw my hands up in the air and enjoy the ride.”

One Million Page Princess

I really, really enjoyed I Never Promised You A Goodie Bag by Jennifer Gilbert. I have actually been pursuing a career in the event planning/wedding planning industry for a little while now, trying to learn the ropes and what not by taking courses and reading books, so a memoir from one of the top event planners EVER seemed like a no brainer for my next read of the year. I didn’t even bother reading the jacket, as the title alone had me hooked. (I wasn’t feeling well this week and had the book with me while waiting at the clinic – even the doctor commented that it was an awesome title!)

What I thought was going to be a fun little light read about the dreams and nightmares of event planning became much more serious when the author shared a very intimate secret; at twenty-two Jennifer Gilbert was the victim of a random and brutal attack that left her alone and nearly dead from over thirty stab wounds (with a screw driver!?). Suddenly, the book’s tag line, ‘A Memoir of a Life Through Events – the Ones You Plan and the Ones You Don’t’ took on a whole new meaning.

After the attack, Mrs. Gilbert chose to move past what had happened by becoming an event planner. She believed she would never feel joy of her own anymore, so decided to celebrate as many events for other people that she possibly could. This memoir is the story of how she rebuilt her life after being attacked, and it was an extraordinary read. The whole thing is written with such a genuine honesty that you really root for her success, and rather than coming across as preachy, her quotes/messages/mantra’s feel as though they’re coming from your best friend. Additionally, for someone trying to break into the event planning industry she has some extraordinary entrepreneurial advice.

I don’t want to say much more as I really want you guys to check this one out sometime. Bravo Mrs. Gilbert. Bravo.

Until next time,