I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You

“No one explains that the busier you become with your careers and house and children, the more time you’ll find to disappoint each other; squirrelling away indignities like domestic accountants. Tallying regrets.”

“I’ll tell you something, Richard, stability – when tossed in with the right amount of love, respect, passion (and a little bit of sex!) – is better than you think.”

“It’s not quite right what they say: love doesn’t make you blind, it makes you optimistic.”

“People are so goal-oriented, they like their efforts to turn into something: a promotion, a marriage proposal, a sold painting hanging on a buyer’s wall. I liked our journey. I loved it. I also loved that it didn’t go where habit would have it go.”

One Million Page Princess

This book warmed my heart and turned my stomach upside down at the same time.


I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You is the story of Richard Haddon. Thirty-four years old and recovering from a recent breakup, Richard is a successful artist with a bright future. Unfortunately, the breakup was with his mistress, and his wife is non too pleased. This is the story of Richard’s realization that what he had at home was worth far more than anything he had with his mistress, and what he does to try and win back his true love.

I really did enjoy this one. While occasionally slow, the story was honest and real and heartfelt. I definitely recommend this one if you need one that will make you feel hopeful and heartbroken at the same time.


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