Not That Kind of Girl

by Lena Dunham

“Here’s who it’s not okay to share a bed with: Anyone who makes you feel like you’re invading their space. Anyone who tells you that they ‘just can’t be alone right now.’ Anyone who doesn’t make you feel like sharing a bad is the coziest and most sensual activity they could possibly be undertaking (unless, of course, it is one of the aforementioned relatives; in that case, they should act lovingly, but also reserved/slightly annoyed). Now, look over at the person beside you. Do they meet these criteria? If not, remove them or remove yourself. You’re better off alone.”

Score: 5/10

One Million Page Princess

December 1st, 2014

One Million Page Princess

December 1st, 2014

Lena Dunham… I feel the same way about her that I do about… Thanksgiving dinner. Initially I am wowed – look at this incredibly well intentioned and elaborate meal. There is so much going on here! There’s a little bit of everything; something for everyone! Lena is someone who I want to admire for her strong sense of self, her accomplishments, and her ability to write (because damn can she string an eloquent and thought provoking sentence together when she needs to.)

Upon closer reflection however, I become slightly distressed at the self indulgence of such a feast. I mean seriously, how can we be sitting here eating this much food when there are so many other people freezing, and starving at the precise moment we are discussing whether or not the dinner rolls are gluten free? Lena is like this for me as well. While I admire her accomplishments, and do watch Girls, part of me is grossed out by her narcissism and blatant sense of entitlement. It must be nice to have had your wealthy parents bankroll your existence, and every creative project you’ve ever put out there until luckily Judd Apatow sees one of your indie films.

You finish your Thanksgiving dinner, and revel in the delicious meal you just had, but you can’t help but feel so full that you’re actually ill. Lena, do I find your work on and off screen interesting and honest? For the most part. But I can only handle you in small doses. Too much and I begin to feel sick.

This book is unfortunately too much Lena.

The quotes I chose to share with you are by far the most interesting glimmers of wisdom of the entire book, which while not completely devoid of humour and authenticity, was more like a poorly strung together collection of essays about her horrible/awkward sexual experiences in life than it was a well thought out advice novel for young women. There were a few very beautifully written sections, and I admit to laughing out loud on occasion as well, but I’m not sure I could recommend this to anyone my own age and really mean it. Just read the above quotes, those are the four best moments in the whole book. And I would strongly advise anyone over the age of 30 or so from reading this. Trust me, you’ve already learned these lessons, and do not need to spend your time reading about the deranged ways she learnt them herself.

I admire her honesty, and her fearlessness to put her entire self out there. I may not like it, but I want to say go girl! Good for you! Continue to believe in what you do. Continue to own it and don’t apologize for who you are. THAT is refreshing.

Just please, never again say you are the ‘voice of our generation’.


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