“I like Thai food, or, as I call it, ‘posh Chinese’.”

“I’ve realized that coming back home is the best thing about going away in the first place.”

“If I was in charge of the dictionary I would have a right clear out of words. Words like ‘necrophilia’ I’d get rid of. If someone has that (attraction to dead bodies), I’d make them say, ‘I fancy dead bodies.’ Then, at least when they tell people, then they realize how mental it sounds rather than it being hidden in a posh word. And then they’ll stop having the problem. The fact that it has its own word makes it acceptable.”

“At home having friends isn’t the same as here. People are obsessed with how many friends they have on Facebook or followers on Twitter, but none of them are there to actually help.”

“I’m a good driver and can reverse park quite easily, but once I know there’s a car waiting for me to park before he can pass I can’t do it. Having an audience changes things.”

“I was given a cup of tea, but you’d never have guessed it was tea. They’d overdone it with milk, I can’t stand milky tea. Just writing ‘milky tea’ makes me gag, plus I always worry about drinking milk products abroad after having a tiny bit in India that almost made me shit out a lung.”

“I tell ya, if they ever install water meters in people’s homes here in Thailand, Songkran will be over.”

“Bonsai trees are tiny trees that are really difficult to grow. You need to care for and nurture them daily. I suppose it’s like the Tamagotchi for the older generation.”

One Million Page Princess

I picked up The Further Adventures of an Idiot Abroad  by Karl Pilkington at the library the other day, without ever having heard of the first one, An Idiot Abroad or the TV series by the same name produced by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. To be honest, I’ve just been really busy this week with work and was looking for something that was funny, and would sort of allow me to vicariously live my travel bug through it. I am REALLY craving a trip at this point, even more so after reading this book.

It starts off with Ricky and Stephen sitting down with Karl (whom they describe as the modern-day real-life Homer Simpson) and letting him choose a bunch of things to do from a mass bucket list that they have compiled from several other bucket lists. While Karl may choose relaxing things like, spend a night on a desert island alone, and drive along Route 66, Stephen and Ricky have some other surprises planned for him along the way. Whether its bungee jumping in New Zealand, land diving in Vanuata, or sumo wrestling in Japan, Ricky and Stephen make sure to put Karl is in as many ridiculous scenarios as possible, just to see him squirm.

I really loved this book. I find Karl’s perspective on the world to be hilarious, and at times even insightful, as can be proven by the quotes I’ve chosen to share with you this week. The book is peppered with conversations Karl has with Ricky, Stephen, the shows director (don’t forget they’re filming all of this for you to watch on ‘the telly’) and even Warwick Davis, which are all really quite funny. Who doesn’t love a good argument between Warwick Davis and ANYONE on whether or not going to see a dwarf village in China is a good idea. The best part was that after I finished the book, I was able to watch all the real footage, as the show, An Idiot Abroad, is available on Netflix.

If you’re looking for something funny, travel related, or just plain entertaining, then make sure to check this one out – if only for the amazing use of British vernacular.

Ta for now! 😉