The Secrets of My Life

by Caitlyn Jenner

“I will try as hard as I can to make the government see that lives are at stake. It will be an uphill struggle. I am not starry-eyed. But I do have experience in attaining goals that no one thought possible. I won the decathlon at the Olympics by going after the impossible. I became Caitlyn after saying to myself for sixty-five years that it was impossible. Change comes in the unlikeliest of circumstances unless you give up trying to effect change.”

Score: 4/10

One Million Page Princess

July 26th, 2017

One Million Page Princess

July 26th, 2017

Okay, I admit it, I watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians. While I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a fan… I don’t spend money on any of the hundreds of Kardashian products, or Kardashian supported products. I don’t follow any of them on social media. I don’t have any of their apps, and while I did read Khloe’s book about self-love a few years ago, I never paid for it and I skimmed much of it because it wasn’t very good. However, I do watch the show and have for many years. I like to think of it as my one guilty pleasure in a world full of Bachelor’s, Bachelorette’s (I’ve never seen any seasons of this; after watching one episode to see what the fuss was about I am convinced it lowered my IQ) and exploitive MTV car crashes disguised as television. Everyone is allowed ONE right??? Don’t judge me for it.

I watched Bruce on KUWTK (yes, there’s an official acronym) for years, and always felt like he appeared to be miserable. When Bruce announced she was becoming Caitlyn, I was proud of her. I was glad that she was finally setting her foot down and doing what she needed to do to find happiness in life. In fact, many of the odd scenarios I had watched unfold on the show over the years began to make a lot more sense. I watched her show I Am Cait and continued to watch KUWTK alongside it. I had planned on reading this book when it was announced just because I was interested in the thoughts of someone with gender dysphoria, but when Kim, Kris and the rest of the K Klan (that sounds really bad doesn’t it?) flipped out about all the “lies” in the book I NEEDED to know more.

I wish I could say otherwise, but don’t read it. Just don’t. Caitlyn is one of the most self-centered and opinionated people in the world, and it became incredibly boring reading about what an American hero Caitlyn thinks Bruce was, and/or Caitlyn still is. Blah blah blah I saved the world with my Decathlon win… blah blah blah – I will continue to save the world by providing transgender kids and adults with a healthy and famous role model.

This is not the normal story of someone’s transition; this is a fairy tale compared to other books I have read on the subject, and not in any way an accurate picture of the struggles I can only imagine someone faces while transitioning. While Caitlyn may do her best at keeping this book interesting, humble, and compelling, it misses the mark, by far. This book is like that person at a dinner party who just cannot stop talking about themselves and is constantly attempting to ‘one-up’ any story you’ve just told. A huge bravo to her for her courage and bravery throughout her transition, but truth or fiction (sorry Kim!) it doesn’t really matter because it’s a self-indulgent snore of a book that you can save your time and avoid reading.


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